SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

I live in the neighborhood of Roslindale in Boston Ma. It is a great neighborhood. I know many of my neighbors. Last week we closed off the street and had a party, we do this once a year, it has allowed people to meet each other and made our street much tighter. There are many talented folks in my community. Rebecca lives up the street, she is an amazing woodworker, and good friend I have known for years. This morning I stopped into her shop and she was making incredible corbels for a house in Boston (see picture below). Her husband Kenny is the kind of guy who can rebuild a bike from old parts, make a kayak and the paddles or draw a picture for your wall. My neighbor Mary is an artist who is always inventing things. I live at the back gate of the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. In the morning I ride through the arboretum on my way to a coffee shop. Mary can often be seen walking her dog and writing on sticks. She picks them up from the ground and writes a sentence of what she is currently thinking about. After helping me teach bookmaking at the farmers market, she has delved into more sculptural book making, combining her writing sticks as the spine (picture below). My good friends Martha and Leah live across the square from me. They just bought the house next door to them for Leah’s Dad to live in. They are renovating the whole house them selves. Last week I stopped by and they had the side of the house off and where putting new sills on the foundation. This blew my mind. I am fearless but I cannot imagine that. They saw there was ant damage so they peeled back the layers on the house exposing the foundation. They realized they needed new sills, did not have the time or money to hire someone, and they all put their heads together (Leah’s Brother Mark helped) and figured it out. I love being around all these people. They make anything seem possible. Later on we are all going down to a restaurant in our community to listen to Kim and Eric play music, they live two blocks down.

Mary's stick books

Mary’s stick books

Rebecca's Corbells

Rebecca’s Corbells

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