JULY 9, 2015

I am having a very reflective summer. I am planning projects. Looking at what has been accomplished, rethinking how it could be better, working in my shop, and riding my bike. I am on the board of a group called Greening Rozzie. Our mission is to lower the carbon footprint of our neighborhood (Roslindale) in Boston. Everyone on the board has a particular interest, planting trees, recycling, solar panels, etc.… A couple of weeks ago we had a community-cooking event that was attended by the Mayor of Boston. We were trying to get him on board with plans we have been volleying about to create a makers space in our community. We have thought about the idea of a mobile community space, and possibly renting a space. Money of course is always the issue. While at the event two different people came up to me to ask if I could teach them how to build something at their houses. It all of a sudden hit me that we do not need a maker’s space. We all have our own makers spaces at our houses or apartments. We just need to let each other know this, and organize. Liz wanted to know how to build raised bed boxes. We put out the word on our Greening Rozzie sight and got around ten people to show up and learn to measure, mark, saw, drill and drive screws. It was really fun. Kim named it a Makers Mob. There was only a weeks notice. Many hands make light work. Here is some picture from the day.

IMG_9877 IMG_9878 IMG_9879 IMG_9883 IMG_9885

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