JUNE 14, 2015


I went to the Echo Lake Artist Collaborative at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia this week. What an amazing event. 55 artist from all over, and from different mediums come together to collaborate for 3 days. All the work that is created is auctioned at the last night and the money goes for awards for Bucks county students, money for The Center For Art in Wood, and for the capitol to run the event the next year. It is a wonderful place to make friends and form alliances. The work is amazing and if anyone wants a really great deal on artwork from well known artists please feel free to attend the auction at the next event which always occurs mid June.

Here are some pictures from the three days-

IMG_9829 IMG_9830 IMG_9834 IMG_9835 IMG_9837 IMG_9841 IMG_9842 IMG_9845 IMG_9846 IMG_9847 IMG_9848 IMG_9850 IMG_9853 IMG_9854 IMG_9856 IMG_9860 IMG_9861 IMG_9862 IMG_9863 IMG_9864 IMG_9867 IMG_9868 IMG_9869 IMG_9870 IMG_9874

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1 Response to JUNE 14, 2015

  1. Ed says:

    Awesome photos, we need to make more instruments!

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