APRIL 5, 2015

From Beth

I have been home for a week. After being away for 9 months I have a ton of stuff to organize. This year has been a great adventure, living in Indiana PA for a semester, and then Maine for 3 months. I unpacked the instruments I have made while in Maine and compared them to my earlier ones. It was amazing to look at them all and see the amount I have learned in such a short time. One -year ago I did not even know yet that I would be making instruments, nor did I imagine I would learn to read and play music. I see the importance of residencies for artists. It is a time of incredible focus away from the daily grind, propelling your work into hyper -drive. All I want to do everyday is keep making my instruments, but I already feel work , demo’s, house repair etc… sucking my time away. My goal now is to make the instrument making my daily work. I am percalating a new project of teaching simple instrument making from found objects. Here are some of sculptural stringed instruments I have been making.

Some of the pieces I have made this year.

Some of the pieces I have made this year.

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Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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4 Responses to APRIL 5, 2015

  1. Dennis Daudelin says:

    It’s a shame that the picture of the instruments was not larger in the lightbox. I would have liked to seen them a bit more closer up….


  2. Diane Thayer says:

    Love the Ukuleles. I made one from a kit this winter and learned a lot. Hoping to connect with you soon. Best regards.

  3. trudy says:

    I am totally enthralled with your instruments! Is there any way you can offer an online class?

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