DECEMBER 20, 2014

I have just spent the week unpacking and repacking, organizing and reorganizing. My students grades were due this week and I spent a lot of time going over the class I just taught week by week. I have said many times in this blog how wonderful my students were, the proof is always in the final crit. Our final presentation was held at the monthly meeting of the local woodturners guild. Each of my students presented the work they completed and talked about their expierience of wood turning, to a group of woodturners. I was very impressed with how articulate every single student was, and with the mass quantity of work. As I sat down to grade,I realized that every student had done more than expected. Some came in during the semester and created gifts for family and friends and others just came in to the studio and consistently practiced during the whole semester. I was very impressed. At our final meeting the day after the presentation many tears were shed. As the Wingate Artist in residence I spent most of my time at the studio. This allowed me daily interaction with students. My bench was in a totally accessible place allowing me a view of all studio activity of most of the woodworking classes. I can not thank the Windgate Foundation enough for funding this kind of experience.  I will miss them all and look forward to them graduating and being colleagues instead of students. here are some pictures from the presentations.

Alyssa Amanda Amber Casey Chris Christina Emily Francis Jason Jesse Kayleen laura Maddie

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