OCTOBER 19, 2014

From Beth

Laura's Awesome bench

Laura’s Awesome bench

I left IUP 2 weeks ago to teach at The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship. The class was called, Next Steps in Turning. I had a great crew. They really took the information provided and explored the possibilities beyond my expectations. My sister Laura came with me and took Peter Korn’s class in beginning woodworking. We had a great time! My music pursuits interested her so we brought a couple of the art guitars with us. By the end of one week she had learned everything I had learned in 4 lessons. By the end of 2 weeks she was ahead of me in the lesson book. We practiced together and worked up a little duet of Claire De Lune (very little- but really fun). Experiencing Laura building her small bench was wonderful. On our 13-hour drive from IUP to Maine we discussed a variety of non-woodworking subjects, and on the way home we talked about woodworking, shop layout, tool purchases and possible projects. When I teach my class I never get to go home with my students and witness the outcome of our shared experience. It was really fun seeing how taking two weeks out of her life to learn a new skill, really had an incredible energizing effect. I will love being able to talk with her about tools and projects.

Now I am back at my workbench thinking about how to best utilize my last two months here at IUP. I never wanted to make a traditional acoustic guitar but I realize I will have to in order to achieve my current goal (making truly well functioning stringed sculptural forms).

Here are some pictures.

Bruce's sculpture

Bruce’s sculpture

John's extreme bend

John’s extreme bend

Dan's humane figure

Dan’s humane figure

Burned carving mallet

Burned carving mallet

Rob's pencil finish

Rob’s pencil finish

Franks Twisted Triangle

Franks Twisted Triangle

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