July 27th

From Jenn

I am resting in the Van that is parked in front of Sanctuary on the property of Clare another generous Turning Around America supporter, in Wellfleet, MA. Beth and I finished the trip towing Sanctuary and we covered about 700 miles each way from Boston to Shepherdstown, W.Va and 700 from West Virginia to Cape Cod, so 1,400. miles. We took a longer route back because of problems getting through one stretch of toll road on the Delaware Water Gap in a vehicle that looks commercial- even though it is not.

I know Beth likes to do the numbers so I calculate that we drove and towed 1,400 miles and taught roughly 65 to 75 people, mostly children but we had some adults attend our afternoon programs. We loved teaching the variety of workshops from Stop Animation for the kids to printmaking, book construction, and whistles to the whole community. After the program we analyzed which ones were more successful and why. Beth had never taught animation so I took the lead on that and she took the lead on the whistles and the book construction. We both felt equally comfortable with the printmaking and I think because of this we both really want to collaborate to teach that again.

I will post some more of the animations. It was all a lot of fun!   Thank you to everyone for your support. More animations to come.

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