JULY 12, 2014

From Beth


It has been a great week here at Peters Valley. We taught kids stop animation. Yesterday afternoon we had a viewing of the weeks work for the parents and students, last night we had a screening for all the current adult students at Peters Valley. This was the first time we have taught this class and I can say it was a total success. The students were ages 7 to 12 and they were all adorable. Everyone worked at a different pace with emphasis on different motion and material techniques that were introduced. The pressure fell on Jenn this week as she has the technical background for this project and collaboration. The kids took over 2000 pictures so she had her work cut out for her. My job was to keep everyone moving. We had a wonderful assistant named Linnia who really helped keep everyone achieving their personal best. Jenn will eventually put some of the animations online so you can all share the fun we had.

Peters Valley is beautiful and we had a family of turkey with 8 babies wandering through our field a couple of times a day as well as a mother deer with fawns. In the past I have seen bear 3 times while teaching here. It is a special place and a great vacation destination, offering a big variety of craft and art programs for kids and adults. We will spend the next couple of days here taking a short break and repacking the van and Sanctuary for our next destination, Shepardstown West Virginia. 

IMG_2341 IMG_2355 IMG_2356 IMG_2361 IMG_2369 IMG_9377 IMG_9380 IMG_9424 IMG_9428 IMG_9434

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