JULY 8, 2014

From Beth

Turning Around America has hit another milestone. We have arrived at Peters Valley with all the kinks worked out about hauling our new mobile studio Sanctuary. Hauling is not as simple as it seems. We pulled out of the driveway easily enough put heading straight down hill. This meant I had seconds to adjust the trailer brake before I hit the bottom of the hill. It was a bit nerve wracking but we made it. All seemed to be going well but I could feel a weird pull when we got going on the Mass Pike. We stopped at the first rest stop and Jenn the ever vigilant mechanic and electrician went over all the connected parts. Everything seemed fine so we started checking the actual trailer frame and its relationship to the road. We realized our hitch was a little high and the load was heavy on the back wheels. Back on the road we discussed our options. We drove until it was dark and then decided to get a hotel room near an auto supply store. We got up bright and early and purchased a lower hitch, the gooseneck, but unable to attach the right size ball, we thad to find a Uhaul dealer who had the right equipment to remove the small ball for a larger one. It was anxiety producing but we got it all taken care of and hit the road again. The new hitch made all the difference and it was smooth sailing all the way to Peters Valley. We had dinner and then set up for our class. We both have learned so much from this project. We are happy to now actually get to use Sanctuary for one of its intended uses. Tonight with the help of our assistant Linnea we made a few short animations, it was really fun. I look forward to meeting our class tomorrow. Our students will range from age 7 to 12.photo-6 photo-7 photo-8

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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