The towing day is here!

Tomorrow we take out Sanctuary for the first time. There were several running light and tail light issues that I have been problem solving for the past two days in the Boston heat. The solutions,  replace a broken bulb,  clean a corroded light fixture, and  re-establish ground to the tail lights we repositioned onto the wooden frame. Lastly, I had to fix a loose wire and now they are all working for our towing day tomorrow.

I have been thinking about the many things I have learned and want to share about this  project. The recent is regarding the solar power system which we bought through Alt-E as separate components. They were Very helpful but there is much that a newbie has to to learn and that the experts take for granted. For example, I would tell people that the batteries come loaded so take care when handling and the other is that the Inverter wires hold a voltage charge for a half to an hour, after you have shut down power. The main lesson is to get a multimeter, learn how to use it and test everything to understand the flow in and out and the residual power.

I had curtains made from some designs I made of Airstream trailers and sewed them up for Sanctuary. They look good. Here are a few picts from the inside.   from   Jenncurtainscurtains_2


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1 Response to The towing day is here!

  1. Robin Dustin says:

    Nice work gals. Still wanna see pics of your living space. 🐤

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