JUNE 26, 2014

Time is flying as always. Our T-shirt fund raiser was successful and earned us just enough for Sanctuaries maiden voyage July 5th. Yesterday we found out that the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers voted to support us , so now we will also be able to do even more than we hoped. There is so much work to be done that it seems like we never get time to write. I have been working on a new body of work making stringed instruments, inspired by my one month of teaching at Merrimack High in May. I am working on those pieces in the evening s when time allows. Jenn and I have both been working on getting Sanctuary all ready for its July 5th maiden voyage. The solar electricity is all done and creating power. It was very exciting to watch Jenn while she figured it all out (I was moral support). Peg Prebble (electrician) came to check it all out before the switch was flipped to activate the system. Jenn is off having a well deserved vacation on the Cape and will be back next week for final trailer prep. I just got back from Echo Lake in Philadelphia where I reunite every year with wonderful artist, and create work for three days which gets auctioned off for scholarships and other craft support. At the beginning of the month I took some of my instruments to the farmers market for Greening Rozzie and showed what could be done with recycled materials. We got lots of kids at the table playing music and it was great fun. Saturday I will be teaching whistle making at the farmers market. Here are some pictures. photo 1 photo-6

fun at the farmers market

fun at the farmers market

Two great minds

Two great minds

salmon box uke

salmon box uke

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