May 23, 2014 – Sanctuary Power and …

It has been a whirl of a week working on Sanctuary in preparation for the July voyage to West Virginia and New Jersey. I glued down the solar panels, and set up an energy cabinet and Beth and I  and set up the battery box on the tongue of the trailer. We haven’t hooked up the power yet,  that exciting moment will be happing soon.  We also put in the composting toilet, Beth made some some cabinets and drawers that are wonderful. Here are some random picts from the week. The T-shirt campaign is going well- we are half way there. Thank you everyone!  Jenn





Nature's Head

Nature’s Head

Jenn securing the ApolloFlex panels to the roof.

Beth fabricating metal for the vent

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1 Response to May 23, 2014 – Sanctuary Power and …

  1. Robin Dustin says:

    Would love to see more pics of the living space, how you set up the kitchen area, even the new cabinets and drawers Beth made that you mentioned. Bravo! You’re doing a great job. ~r~

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