MAY 17, 2014

Jenn and I are working on the fundraiser for our 5th project. We seem to creep along. We have faced the the idea many times of making Turning Around America a Non-Profit. The problem is that we both love being artists and teachers, and can not face the idea of being administrators. In the truest sense of the word we are not for profit. I think of Turning Around America as an ongoing conceptual art project. The medium happens to be people and skills instead of paint or paper. We apply for grants all the time, but hardly ever get them. We have received a few small grants from Woodworking/turning organizations. Our projects seem to fall in-between art ,craft and education. When people ask us how we continue to be able to do these projects I always say out of the kindness of peoples hearts. We read an article about art funding which said that most of it is done through crowd share (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc..) The arts are being kept alive by all of us giving directly. I dread asking for money. When we do a big mailing it takes forever and it seems like something always happens that needs correcting. But it is exhilarating for both us to get encouragement and support from all of you. Last night we were up late e-mailing about our fund raiser, as I read the names to Jenn, one or the other of us would say Oh its so and so , I wonder how they are doing. We realize how many people we have met through teaching and traveling. We can directly realize the impact we have had in the world. Instead of being a drag it is wonderful. In 2007 when I went to Grad school I thought when I was unable to lift boards any more I would have the credentials to get a teaching job. I never imagined it would lead me to this moment. I feel my experience at Mass Art gave me permission to have a bigger vision. When many of my friends are retiring I feel like I am just beginning. Thank all of you for your ongoing support

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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