Oct.26, Sanctuary and kids!!!

I wanted to respond to some requests to see how things are going with Sanctuary and Robin I will need to re-photograph the interior in the next few days, I lost my earlier photos. Through all the excitement of teaching hundreds of school children how to use woodworking tools and the New England weather changing we have also been working on finishing Sanctuary. Beth designed and created some perfect pull out drawers that will also serve as a work table for the back of the studio. Here is a shot of the drawers closed. Image

We have been putting our heads together on how to make the solar hot water and passive solar heater work in the front of the studio. We have everything soldered now and the plexiglass will go on tomorrow morning, weather permitting.  Here is how it looks with the black spray paint on the soda cans and downspouts, one found on garbage day.


The flexible solar panels are ordered and I would like to have everything wired up before I have to be wearing gloves doing it. Yes, we are already wearing gloves at least for bike riding here in the Northeast, and the leaf colors are wonderful this fall. 

The children, well they never stop delighting and surprising me. As the photo releases are signed and passed around to the right people I will post some more images, in the meantime, here is a photo of a whistle carved by a 3rd or 45th grade student who told me that he had this creature in his mind for a while and here it comes out on wood using files and rasps and later some markers. He was very proud of this whistle.

These kids just love getting their hands on the tools. We have heard several teachers comment that in our woodworking classes no behavior “bad” incidents occurred, we know it is because they are totally engaged. What a thrill to watch this process and to be part of it too. If the schools had more hands-on woodworking and art classes no child would be left behind. They are learning the valuable lesson of independence, making your own things by our own hands. So am I.  Thank you for all your comments       Jenn      


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