September 28th, Sanctuary has a stove.

I have one more coat of paint to put onto the floor and most of the painting will be done! It has been so busy this fall, we have not had time to post blogs. I have started teaching a new class at UMass/Lowell and Beth went to teach in Washington D.C., she is back tomorrow. This is after we both had large art exhibits of our personal artwork in Mass and New York.     Now we are ready to move onward – and we are very excited about the enthusiastic response from the Turning Around Boston campaign,  both of us will be teaching students in the Boston public schools for the month of October through the Eliot School in Jamaica Plain, MA.  More to come on this in the next post.

hobbit The woodstove is in and it is so sweet. We have all the components for the solar energy system except for the panels. I found a new vendor for flexible solar panels through Alt Energy in Mass. We will have them next week sometime. When I get a chance tomorrow I will photograph the interior of Sanctuary with the zero VOC paint from Benjamin Moore, Natura, and the outside tooThe weather has been beautiful here in New England.


About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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