The days get longer and there is new clarity to the air that always signifies fall to me. I have been away for many weeks, teaching at CFC and then Peters Valley. I left from there to set up my show at SUNY Purchase, I was back for a few days and then back to SUNY for photographs of the show. Jenn has been in New Mexico and on the cape dealing with her show.  While we were away Sanctuary sat quietly in the driveway awaiting her next addition.  I often think about objects and all they witness. What if my kitchen table could talk, and repeat all the incredible conversations that have happened at it over the years? I think of all adventures I shared with the Van so far; what if the van was sentient and could sit at the dinning table over beer, click glasses and share stories about all the adventures we  have had. I often think of these objects as people think of there pets, they have secrets locked inside without the voice to share them. This is what I imagine of Sanctuary. She is quietly sitting in the driveway waiting to be whole enough to go out in the world and have an adventure. Is she thinking about a scene at a town square being surrounded be people laughing, talking, sharing, creating, or is she dreaming  of a quiet night  at a campground at Assateague Island with the surf pounding 100 yards away, on the other side of a sand dune .  How many miles will Sanctuary travel before she sits quietly in a feild somewhere in Vermont forgotten by a new generation, or discovered by some new generation, dusted off and given a new life as a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, kids club house or artist retreat. This is why I love archeology so much. Each  artifact starts as an ordinary object, and 1000 years later an object seems so mysterious to us that we start to imagine who used it, and for what. I think about this with everything I make.

We are back to work on Sanctuary ,pictures will follow. here are some shots of my show.

Pencils - sculpture and drawing

Pencils – sculpture and drawing

Sparks - sculpture and drawing

Sparks – sculpture and drawing

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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