July 6, 2013

Happy 4th of July! I went to Tampa to the AAW symposium last week and met up with many Turning Around America friends and supporters. Jenn and I had just completed laying down the floor of Sanctuary. We finished the floor the day before I left for Florida. The prior evening over dinner we questioned the strength of a product we used called Echo Foil. Our research told us it was enough to use as a moisture barrier from water while driving. Upon completion Jenn brought up the other hazards we might face such as, pack rats, sharp rocks and sticks etc… We had a chance to think about it while I was away. Upon my return we both agreed we would always regret it if something happened and we didn’t take the time to fix it when we had a chance; so we carefully stripped everything off back to the frame and added a barrier floor made from pieces of aluminum flashing that we pop riveted together and then we carefully replaced the Echo Foil, the wood framing, sheep wool insulation, and the plywood floor. “Better safe then sorry!” It took a full day and it really would not have been that bad, but it was 95 degrees and the foil was reflecting bright light into our eyes. We had to wear our sunglasses.


The heat has tested our patience but in the end we remain friends and a strong collaborative team. All the inner rails got framed in yesterday, and today we added the top rails and started drafting our final measurements from the physical trailer, before this time it has all been theoretical. We will start building the walls tomorrow. If it thunderstorms as predicted we can build them all in the shop and attach them later. This is the exciting part; the shape of the final structure will start to take form. I am expecting that Jenn will make a great animation of this process.

Pop Rivit

Pop Rivit

photo-54 photo-56 photo-57

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Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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1 Response to July 6, 2013

  1. dianethayer says:

    Hey Beth and Jenn, I enjoy following your progress both in words and picutres on Sanctuary. Working in the extreme heat and humidity is certainly a challenge but you’re keeping your ” eyes on the prize”. Looking forward to the walls and roof. Take good care. All the best to you both-
    Diane T.

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