June 27, Our Floor is In!


This plays as an animation if you click on it.

We did get the insulation in and the floor covered a few days ago. What a treat to work with natural materials, the sheep’s wool was great to handle and easy to tear. We love this Black Mountain Sheep Wool. The heat in Boston has been broken by thunderstorms and some misty cool days. We are going to hold off a few days and let the weather clear and then we will be on to the walls. Thinking about using either gavalume or clapboard. I am working on creating some Tshirt designs from our logo, while Beth is in Florida at the AAW woodworking symposium. 

Here are some animations of our progress. IT IS So NICE to hear from people. Thank you for your comments!  -Jenn




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1 Response to June 27, Our Floor is In!

  1. annie haven says:

    So exciting! I love the wool in the floor. I can’t wait to see how it the walls and everything else comes together… xo

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