June 25, 2013

It was a very hot day in Boston but we managed to weld the final piece on the steel frame for the doorway of Sanctuary and we put down an eco-foil liner under the studs. We almost finished but a thunderstorm stopped us early. Let’s hope it cools off. On Saturday we went to Bolter Plywood to pick up plywood for the floor of the trailer and Steve who works there,  informed us about the way the industry categorizes sustainable plywood. The wood meets green standards if it has no formaldehyde added and it also needs to be sustainably harvested and documented. Our pieces came from Canada.  We left Bolter Plywood and went to pick up framing lumber at Home Depot. It was very difficult to find straight 14′ 2 x 4s.  The studs were marked FSC, Forest Stewardship Council. Tomorrow we pick up the curved roof pieces and we hope to install our sheep wool insulation into the floor.  Here are some picts from the last few days.  Beth and Jenn


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1 Response to June 25, 2013

  1. Your blog is very resourceful, my family and I are downsizing in several steps, with our foreclosure so we decided a big change in order. We will be moving in less than 6 weeks from a home size of almost 2,000 sq ft to a basement living space of under 750 sq ft. The final goal a small home in town or off grid living on a few acres living in a small shed. So I am always looking into other alternatives. Thanks so much Allie.

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