June 16, 2013 – Now the construction

IMG_5729 Beth is on the way to pick up the sheep wool insulation and we have been working with a friend, Greg who operates a CNC machine at a local woodworking shop. Greg was kind enough to take us through the process of a computer driven saw cutting our curved roof supports. The ease, speed, and efficient use of a sheet of plywood made this process very attractive to us, and it will make the roof building much faster for the Sanctuary project. Beth has been very careful to make a specific angle on this roof curve because it needs to join our walls in a way that allows for rain runoff. I am seeing that the two main concerns that we are talking about in this building project are, how do we keep the rain outside and how do we keep the rain out while allowing for plenty of air flow. This is all within the greater conversation of how to keep things green, inexpensive, and operational. There is plenty of hard work ahead along with a lot of  handwork, as soon as Beth returns with the wool late tomorrow from Philadelphia.  I pulled out the tool belts this afternoon in anticipation. We will be framing the floor and putting the insulation in place, and then laying the floor this week. I will also need to move some of the electrical wires around first so that they remain accessible to us after the floor is secure. Here are some photos of the CNC cut plywood from wonderful Greg at Kenyon Woodworking in Jamaica Plain, MA.  —— JennIMG_5691



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