June 9, 2013


Griff and Steve at Advance Truck Accessories in Fitchberg, MA


Terry at Airport Trailer in Leominster, MA


New Trailer in Beth’s driveway




Beth and Terry setting up the hitch


Jenn with the Airport Trailer Gang

Turning Around America Update:


After a few hiccups the project has fully begun. Our first step was to buy the 14’ trailer base and get a title. I then took the title to the insurance company to get it stamped, then off to the registry to get a license plate. We drove the trailer back from Fitchburg, MA in a tropical storm on Friday. We had to learn about the trailer braking system and after 5 miles, managed to adjust it correctly. We are very thankful for the help and information given to us by Steve and Griff at Advanced Truck Accessories shop in Fitchburg. After they installed the brake we went to Airport Trailer to pick up our trailer. Terry at Airport Trailer installed our hitch. Terry, Rob and the gang were so great at giving us tips about maneuvering the trailer. I will say that we were nervous about pulling and driving such a big platform attached to the van but it went quite smoothly. The real anxiety was how to get it down my narrow city street and backed into the driveway (work site). Jenn guided me from outside the van and it went smoothly. She had pre-thought the backing into my driveway part and parked her car across the street, so when we arrived she could move it and we would have extra space to pull the trailer base in. The trailer has 1/8” steel rails around it and we had originally planned to grind them off but after some thought and a consultation with our friend Kenny we decide to keep them and change the design a little bit to use their additional support to the structure. 


Today our friend Colin, a retired steel worked/artist came over and we all talked through the more possibilities about go about attaching the studio platform to the base. We also plan on making a passive solar heater that will go into the front of the studio to provide another renewable heat source.


Beth and Jenn

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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3 Responses to June 9, 2013

  1. moller07 says:

    Reblogged this on unbidden and commented:
    The Job is on!

  2. Anni Egan says:

    Thrilled that this dream project has begun! I hope you will visit Florida and our little school again when you hit the road next time. 🙂
    Anni Egan
    Healthy Learning Academy

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