MAY 31, 2013


Today Jenn and I went purchased the trailer base for our Sanctuary project and arranged for a hitch upgrade for the van. It was really exciting to actually begin. We stood in the various trailer lengths in the 90 degree weather and discussed the possibilities. It went something like this:

Jenn- Do you think we can drive this 16′ (which is really 18′ with the hitch)  out of your driveway? I am starting to have doubts. Beth- I could remove part of the garden and pave it over.

Jenn- Maybe we can go smaller and use our creativity to have everything we we want in the 14′ trailer?

Beth – Lets go stand in the 14′ and see if we can imagine it. Lie down in it and see how it feels.. We can expand over the front over the frame to make it 15′.  Let’s make the flexible outside spaces that would allow for more room outside the base.

Jenn- Beth’s quote to me, “thank you for reminding me that this is a creative project and not a building job for a client.”

Jenn- This is how our collaboration works! As we were driving home to Boston I told Beth that if anyone saw us standing in the trailer today they have thought we were arguing- but really we were passionately exploring our personal ideas out loud in order to come to a better idea together than either of us would have come to independently.


Beth acting as Quality Control Inspector at Airline Trailers in Leominster Ma
















Here I am all 5’4″ of me in a 14′ x 6’4″ Base.


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Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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