NOVEMBER 20, 2012

Traveling and teaching have been life altering for me. I often tell my friends that I feel like an anthropologist wandering through cities, towns, and peoples lives. I would need a year of time, writing everyday, to record just some of my thoughts and experiences of the last two years. I have not really processed it all, and I am looking forward to my time at the SUNY Purchase residency, to sit down and organize my thoughts about it all. My current trip was a roller coaster of non-stop action. After leaving Tennessee I went to Columbia North Carolina to The Pocosin Art Center. The Director is Marlene True. We kind of met at EMMA in Canada and then a few weeks later we really met sharing the faculty house at Peters Valley Art Center. We had many late evening talks about our collaborative experience in Canada, and the need for more in our own communities. Marlene invited me to Pocosin to visit and we came up with the concept of Wood Fest. Wood Fest is a celebration of eating and making. A pecan tree had to come down on Pocosin property, so I suggested we cut it up and make carved and turned objects from it, using the residue of our labors (the wood chips) to smoke food for a celebratory dinner. I arrived at the Pocosin Art Center to a flurry of preparation. There was a metals class being taught by Megan Corwin, the cut up pieces of wood that Wood fest was designed around were arriving, and groceries needed to be purchased. I jumped right in and went to the local store to buy chicken and pork to smoke for the next day. When I got back we unloaded my van and got set up. This is the time I met Karen Clough and Jennifer Well the other two members of the Pocosin Art Center team that made my time there so much fun. Wood Fest was great! We had a bunch of folks show up with tools and the desire to share and have fun. When the day ended members of the board steamed a huge amount of Oysters for us in the back driveway, YUMMMMMMMM. Then we went up stairs and had the rest of our feast at big tables. It was fun and delicious, I cannot wait till next year to do it all again. Wood fest was Saturday, Sunday I drove myself to the beach area and did some hardware shopping and exploring. Monday and Tuesday I went to the Columbia Elementary School and taught the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders how to make whistles and pens. They reminded me of what I loved about my year on the road. Kids are up for anything and really let you know how much fun they are having. Wednesday morning I sadly said farewell to all my new friends and left for the next adventure.

First time turning

Carving Fun


Another first time turner





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