AUGUST 13, 2012


(Post from 3 days ago)

Buffalo in our camp at Theodore Roosevelt National Park -North

What an incredible three days! Kim and I left Saskatchewan Monday afternoon and now we are in South Dakota. We spent our first night at a campground in Weyburn, Canada in a little public park.  The next night found us camping at the North site of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, as we pulled in a herd of 70 Buffalo were walking through the camp. It was a thrill! Kim and I set up our chairs along the river behind our site and watched them graze their way down the bank.  We left the next morning and ended up in the south end of the national park near a community of prairie dogs. On a whim we went horseback riding through the park. Traversing the same landscape Teddy might have traveled. It was exciting seeing the park from ridges and valleys. We decided to ride the next morning and went on a trail that went through a river and into the plains. It was just as wonderful for me as the high ridge. After the ride we set off for Custard State Park in the Badlands of South Dakota. It happens to be Sturgis Motorcycle weekend so there are tons of motorcycles everywhere. We were able to get a camp sight at Center Lake and I am writing you from that sight. I might not be able to post it for a while, as there is no wi-fi. To get to this camp sight we drove hairpin turns that lead us through the cathedral Spire a rock formation. Kim drove and it was wonderful to be the viewer for once and not the driver. The scenery is breathtaking! I wonder why I waited so many years to travel.  This is an incredible country filled with wonder. I think everyone should have to travel it from one end to the other to understand the responsibility we all have as Americans to take care of our home. The beautiful thing is that it only cost 10 to 15 dollars a night to stay at a camp ground in our national parks. They are our national parks because they are the most beautiful real estate we have, and we all own it. These are places that know no class system. The rich camp next to the poor. It is first come first serve.

Buffalo meandering down the riverbed

Happy Campers

Hiking in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Madona and child

North Dakota

Driving through the Cathedral Spires at Custard State Park








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