May 25, 2012

I had forgotten about the kindness of strangers. One year ago I ended my and Jenn’s one year project, Turning Around America. I left last Friday to start a one-month of teaching and demoing. I am in the van again. I Know I have always called it a time portal but right now I am thinking freedom machine is more apropos. I traveled to Philadelphia and gave 6 talks in a row. It was exhausting but thought provoking for me. I am in a place of trying to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have stayed in my van at 7 locations so far. I am always a little apprehensive off being hosted, after talking I always need some down time. The people at each place I stayed have been wonderful. I have been welcomed into families, eaten fabulous food and shared thought provoking conversations. What more could anyone want in their life? I am a very planned person. I like to know what I am doing when, but this morning I find myself at Assateague Island State Park with out a clue of where I will be tonight. I did not realize it was Memorial Day weekend so it could end up being a real adventure. On a whim I came here last night. It is an incredible spot. Camping on the ocean, the crashing waves lulled me to sleep. My neighbors saw my Mass plates and introduced themselves. We sat around the campfire and shared stories, music and laughs. It is funny what I have forgotten since I arrived home last October. I forgot that driving is a joy and not a task. I forgot about how important some little funny exchange could be with a stranger when you are alone driving for days. I forgot about the corner you turn in the road to discover a scene worthy of a picture postcard. I forgot about the meditative quality of driving for long distances

Tom Buchner

Van on the move again

Melanie’s Cactus Garden at Putnam Nursery (Maryland)

My camp site in the dunes at Assateague State Park

Maureen’s cute little Rialta (my neighbor at Assateague State Park)

Art shot of my picnic table

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