Dirt and Connection, from Jenn

We are back from an amazing rich experience in Guatemala. Beth and I worked well together bringing some more woodworking skills, and hopefully inspiration to the small village in Guatemala. Coming back to the US was a shock after being away for two weeks. I am noticing the significance of our attitudes toward dirt in our cultural thinking, and wondering how much our consumer capitalism has convinced us to be clean. We were in a community where people have dirt floors and children run around barefoot in the dirt, to come back to a place where there is a street sweeping machine that goes over a road three times to make sure there is no dirt or sand in Truro, MA.  Heaven forbid that we would have dirt on the road.  I am grateful to Matt Creelman and his family and the very generous people of San Juan Bautista, Vera Cruz, a mixed indigenous community connected and sustained by the earth-directly through the dirt. They feed, accepted, and loved us without question.  As soon as I get through the 600 photos I will be posting most of the images on the web site- on the Guatemala page.

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