DECEMBER 20, 2011

The difference between still life and roaming life is time. While traveling everything is slowed down, while driving alone there is nothing but time to think, you become introspective, meditative and relaxed. You are constantly looking at the scenery, which seems to be passing you instead of the reality that you are passing it.  At home I have not stopped to think in three weeks. The time passes and I do not know where it went. I was busy everyday for the last 10 days. The question is how can I meld the time of personal meditation, and introspection with the realities of existence in this busy city. I went last weekend to Maine to teach at the Center For Furniture Craftsmanship. The drive was wonderful and the weekend was fun. I taught a class in turned box making. I usually teach this class in a five- day block so it was challenging to condense it into a two- day workshop. I love to have a group of people with no experience and watch their progress and discovery over the time of the class. I have always found teaching to be a personal motivator. Watching students resolve problems in a way you personally have not thought of is inspiring; it sends you back to your own shop with new insight.

A table full of boxes

This group was my favorite



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2 Responses to DECEMBER 20, 2011

  1. moller says:

    Beautiful work Beth,

    I would like to make a box like that too!

  2. Ron Sheehan says:

    Beth, I have been enjoying your blog entries. Your comments about working vs doing art is something I can relate to. I do a lot of bowl turning. I am beginning to become uninspired to do bowls. I plan on branching into other items, but am not sure what yet. Good luck with the venture in Guatemala, it sounds exciting.
    Ron Sheehan (We met in Philadelphia at ITE)

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