OCTOBER 28,2011

I have been trying to get back in the work flow. I am building a bike shed in my shop this week. It is not my usual work but it is great fun. I am always building rooms in rooms. If you go back to my postings in October  2010, I describe what lead up to Turning Around America. I show the The Rolling  Toolbox, which was a grad project and my studio on the fourth floor of the Tower at Mass Art for two years. I even curated a show inside and outside of the Rolling Tool Box called Miniscule, where all participating artists could not submit apiece bigger than 4” by 4”. When school was over I could not bare to get rid of it, so friends helped me disassemble it and then put it back together in my dinning room. So basically I have a big structure on wheels in my dinning room. It has become a spare room for travelers and the outside has my dinning table attached. This is just setting the scene. On Tuesday I went to Home Depot to get stock for the bike shed. Now you have to understand I have not deconstructed the living space I built inside the van for my trip. I keep going to do it, but it feels wrong some how. That was my home for a year. When I went to put the materials in the van the plywood would not fit because of the bed structure was taking up to much space. The nice Home Depot employee who was helping me said, “your going to have to take the bed and shelving out of your van if you’re going to be doing construction.” I told him about my trip and that I was not emotionally ready yet. He said, “I have a good Idea. Why don’t you take it out and just re-assemble it in your dinning room!” I just started laughing.

bike shed in process

Rolling Tool Box in my dinning room

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2 Responses to OCTOBER 28,2011

  1. moller says:

    I just had the idea of you putting the interior of the van inside spirit. Then you can shrink wrap it in a clear housing and exhibit it in your yard. Maybe it would add the necessary structural support.


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