SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

this week I have been thinking quite a bit about the reentry to my house. I spend quite a bit of time upon wakening usually, loving my little van home. It is so comfortable and engulfing. I have felt very safe and life has been simple. I look at all the objects I have lived with on a daily bases for one year. Its pretty easy to see them all because there are not that many. And yet these object have become so filled with meaning for me. The coffee cup I bought a Renny’s last fall has sampled coffee from all over the country. It was there during many discussions with new friends and many quiet contemplative moments at camp grounds. It was in my cup holder for 25,000 miles always close at hand. The bag Leah gave me the week I left has become a treasured possession. It is my office that goes with me everywhere. I know all its little pockets and what is in each one. The goat skin bags I made to hang above my head at night for keys and glasses are now worn and droopy from use. Each little thing in the van seems so charged with importance. I know when I get back home there will be to many objects in my daily life to carry so much importance. My brain will not be big enough to contain them all on a daily bases. Things will get put away somewhere and I will forget them until some spring cleaning unearths them a year from now. They will be sad little forgotten objects. I want to go home and hone all my possessions down. Many culture only have what they can carry with them. They must really think about keeping a ¬†nonfunctional item, as they will have to pack and carry it for their lifetime. I want to be that mindful of what I carry with me at all times. I am interested to see if I will be able to do it.

Rob and I had dinner guests this week at our campfire. We invited the fellows to come for dinner. A good time was had by all. Lee took pictures with a camera on a tri-pod and then stitched them together to create some really interesting images. We also made fire art.

Fellows around the camp fire

Fellows campfire

Heart fire

Square fire

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