I am now at my fellowship at The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship. This is a place I have always loved teaching and familiar faces surround me. Eleven months ago I left from here to travel around the country and now I am back. Rob Chamberlin assisted the two classes I was teaching last October. Rob and I became fast friends, it was clear immediately that we are from the same tribe. While on my journey I visited Rob and his lovely wife Suzanne at their home in Kalamazoo Michigan. Rob and I worked on some projects together there. He is an excellent woodworker and a problem solving genius (check out last October blog, Rob made the wooden beer bottle). It was at his shop in Kalamazoo that we decided to apply for a fellowship to work together on creative pursuits for a month. Rob drove to Boston last week, I hitched up the tiny tear drop trailer to the van and off we went to Camden Hills State park to stay while we work. It has been really fun. The teardrop has a kitchen space so we have been cooking every night. I have two solar batteries that have allowed us all the comforts of home. Rob lives in the trailer and I am happy to be back in the van. This will be the longest time period the van will be parked on my trip. I am continuing the work I started at the International Turning Exchange. Here are some pictures.

Rob and I at our camp site

a view from the park

cooking in the teardrop

our camp fire(we use the scraps from the days work)

my first day projects

Rob taught me to cut a proper dovetail

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Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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