AUGUST 27, 2011

I remember once thinking that my life was very ordinary. Today I acknowledge that that might not be the case. The week before last I was in a campground in Maine, last week I was in Cape cod with friends, this week I am in Boston and next week I will start a one month fellowship in Maine. For some reason the wandering is more difficult when in the vicinity of my house. It is rented until next week so I am not really home, and yet I can see all the work I need to do. It has reined my wanderlust in a bit. Now I have entered the list making stage. While on the road you can ignore some things , but once your home it is staring you in the face. It is hard to believe I have been gone from Boston and had so many adventures. Spending the week with wonderful friends on the Cape was a nice buffer to reentry. We road our bikes almost everyday and swam as much as possible. It  was good food and good company. My friends did mention that I am unusually attached to checking my Iphone and computer all the time. I have lived with these two gadgets as the constant of my trip. I have had to constantly check -in with schools, speaking engagements , lists ,friends and family. I will have to try to break the habit now that I am back. On the way home from the Cape I plugged my GPS in although I have driven that road a million times. I realize that the voice on my GPS has become comforting to me. I can tell my “still life” adjustment is going to be interesting. I will not have to think about it until October 1 when I officially return to my home. My friend Rob is arriving on Tuesday, at which time we will head up to Rockport Maine to The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship where we will be Fellows for the month of September. One last month to explore the possibilities of woodworking without interruption. We will be living at a campground during the month. My last chunk of time in the van, I will savor my nomadic life before I jump head long into being “parked”. Here are some pictures from my magical time on Cape Cod.


Herring Cove

Flax Pond

Long Pond

The Gang

Do I want to be on this trail?

Tune Taco's

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