AUGUST 13, 2011

One week has past and I find myself at a campground in Rockland Maine. When you are traveling there is no time to process the day before because something new is happening right now, and soon right now is yesterday. While in Philadelphia my mind started unraveling the last nine months. It came out in artwork, books, writing and stories to my ITE colleagues. Leaving Philadelphia meant my time on the road would soon end. Jenn brought the van back last Sunday and it was like reuniting with an old beloved friend. The problem became the old beloved friend coming, meant I would be leaving my new beloved friends. Life on the road has been bittersweet in that way. I have made many new friends scattered all around the country. It seems funny to me that they might all never get to meet each other, they exist as a group only in my head. After tear filled good byes, Jenn and I left for Boston for a two day stop over to drop off accumulation from my residency, and take her to the airport to go back Santa Fe. I fear I was not good company. I remember when I was in sixth grade going to camp for the first time, I think I was there for two weeks, although it might have been a meaningful one week stay. When my Dad came to pick me up I would not go. It was only after much coaxing that I reluctantly got into the old VW bus and headed home. I felt that way leaving Philadelphia.   I love the city, my colleagues, the studio and the program, but most of all I loved my life of being an artist. I had the incredible experience of waking up every morning and making what ever I could think of. When I was at odds, I had four wonderful colleagues to watch and talk with who totally re-inspired me everyday. We also had our Scholar who took us out into the community of artist, museums, and galleries. It was kind of like that feeling you get after eating way too much at the Thanksgiving feast. You sit down undo your top pant snap and say out loud –that was incredible-I will never eat again. The reality is your stomach is stretched and hunger comes way sooner than it normally would.

After dropping Jenn off at the airport I had to leave Boston early to come to Maine to teach. There were way to many things needing to be done at home, and I knew I would not have time to address them until my return in October. I dropped her off at around 7:30 and I was at a rest stop in Maine taking a nap by 9:30. Last night I slept for 12 hours. I wonder how I will ever get a good night sleep outside of the van. In Boston I stayed at my friend Rebecca’s. My friends are so great because they support me in whatever I do. Rebecca tentatively asked me would I be living in the van or my house when I returned.  I laughed but in my brain I went through a pretend year in the van in the driveway. I was thinking, why not? until I got to the first snow storm and being trapped inside until my friends could dig me out .

Monday Morning I will be back teaching at The Center For Furniture Craftsmanship. It was my point of departure last fall. I look forward to reuniting with all my old friends there. Until then, I will rest and sleep in my van at this campground.

Van approaching time travel portal in NY

Schola and child

The last breakfast

my favorite pictures

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