AUGUST 6, 2011

You know how I always say I am time traveling? It true! I just barely stepped into this room at University of the Arts and now I am packing to leave. Living in the Van I collected small things and was able to contain without clutter. After two months in this mansion of a room I am having to pack and ship stuff to Boston. Most of it is Materials, books and finished work, but all must fit somewhere when I arrive home. We have had a frantic week preparing for our final ITE Exhibition. Our show is at The Arts Alliance in Rittenhouse Square. Last night was the opening. we saw some old friends from Echo Lake and met new friends who work at the Art Alliance. A good time was had by all. It was really something to stand back and watch people look at your work. We ITers are always holding it ,or looking at the work on a crowded bench, it was great to see each piece with space and no clutter around it. Please go to to the web site of The Center of Art in Wood and check out Kim’s blog under- ITE 2011 Blog. She has filled in all the holes in my narrative of the last two months. In a week or so, pictures of all our work produced in these two months will be on view. It is really something. I will post a few pictures of the pieces I made.

Response Bowl

Response Bowls

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