We are working so hard that time is measured by the stack of dirty cloths in my closet. When the pile is high and I have no more clean cloths it indicates one week has past. For me it seems like a day. I am finishing up a bunch of pieces and will post them on this blog this week. Meanwhile we also went to a bunch of places this week. On Wednesday we made a quick trip into New York to see War Horse. I can honestly say it was one of the most mesmerizing plays I have ever seen. My friend Prentice Onayemi was the head of the War Horse and he was spectacular. It is through him we were able to get tickets. We also got to go back stage and see the giant puppets and see how the magic was done. We were all thrilled. Friday we went to the Wharton Esherick Museum. He was a sculpture/designer/woodworker  who was known for his simple furniture. I could not take pictures in his house , but got a few of the exterior. The act of him living in the house was an art installation on its own. He made most everything -and I mean everything. It was very inspiring. On Friday afternoon we went to storage in the Philadelphia Art Museum. We met with Elisabeth Agro the Curator of American Modern and Contemporary Crafts. She was wonderful and energetic, candidly answering any question we threw at her. She took us on a tour of some contemporary woodturners and then let us browse the shelves. It was a nice cool place to be on a 104 degree day.

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