JULY 4, 2011

This residency in Philadelphia is a wonderful gift. I feel like i am at an oasis on a long caravan through the desert. I get up every day and go to the studio to make make my lifes work. I have never had this kind of time. If a crazy idea pops into my mind- I am free to pursue it. If nothing comes of it -big deal. It is really exciting. I have spent my life making specific work for clients, for money. This time in Philadelphia is an experience I have never had. I am trying to follow my real rhythms. I am so steeped in a nine to five existence. Left without rules I find I probably work more than nine to five but in different ways. I am frenetic. I have started six very different projects and jump easily from one to the other. I like watching my fellow ITEers work patterns. Carl is a tornado of motion, Michael and Kim are very methodical and focused, while Dan and I  jump from piece to piece and back again. They have all inspired me in different ways. I have really enjoyed my time with Kim. She is an adventurer and has lead me on some fun walks around the city. She researches different places in the area, making a list and  then experiencing them one by one. Having just come from my trip and not having a big studio, I would have buried myself in a two square block area (dorm to studio) and never traveled outside it. Living in this city has been wonderful, exciting, and inspiring.


About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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