JUNE 2, 2011

Echo Lake Conference

Life is a funny thing. Last year at this time I had just graduated from grad school. I stood in front of my piece entitled Spirit (a fantasy skeleton of the van I wanted to buy to Turn Around America) in the Bakalar gallery and told a group of undergrads that the piece was about the possibility of the future. I explained that I was standing in front of it at that moment, but in one year I would have a real van and have had an adventure that was not even planned yet. It has come true. This project is about an idea becoming reality. I now realize that any idea that can be conceived and achieved. One week ago I was giving a talk at the Blue Ridge Turners in Roanoke Virginia, and today I am living in a dorm in Philadelphia and attending the International Turning Exchange for two months. Between then and now I drove to Norfolk Virginia – picked up Jenn from the airport -drove to Chincoteague Island to camp for two days and then drove to Philadelphia. On the way the van broke down and was repaired- I was attacked by swarms of mosquitoes- Jenn and I swapped possessions in the van- I got moved into the dorm and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia –Jenn drove away in my home of nine months to spend the summer teaching and writing- I met the four people I will work with for the next two months -and I have attended the Echo Lake Conference at Bucks County Community College for two days. My life was never like this before. It is like living in hyper speed. I miss the van but am excited to be working in a shop once again.

First meal in Philly - Cheese steak

John at Echo Lake

Glass artist at Echo Lake


About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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