APRIL 25, 2011

Well I have done it! I have passed the 2000 persons taught goal. Now my goal is 3000. Tomorrow I will teach at the Schenck School in Atlanta. This project would not be possible without the help of more people that I can count. Friday I arrived at the home of Roy and Bea Grant. Roy belongs to the Classic City Woodturners in Athens georgia ,who I did a demo for on Saturday.He and his wife were kind enough to host me for a few days. Before we even had a chance to really meet each other, Roy was driving me to The home Depot to get materials for the Schenck School project. We spent friday afternoon preparing whistles stock for the kids. When I arrive tomorrow morning in Atlanta there will be three members of the Atlanta Woodturners who will be generously donating their time, and lathes for the day to help me and the kids. These people might not even know Roy, myself or anyone at the Schenck School, but they form the chain that helps me accomplish my goal. In the last 7 months many people have fed me and provided showers, driveways and shops.  This does not even include the people who have donated money for gas and materials. There are also the people who send messages to spur me on. All this has contributed to me reaching the 2000 person mark. I am truly thankful for all the connection on the chain that is Turning Around America.

Passing friends

U of G Botanical Gardens

U of G Botanical Gardens

U of G Botanical Gardens

About turningaroundamerica

Collaborative Team of Jenn Moller and Beth Ireland
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