APRIL 22, 2011

Working at a campground in Alabama

Once I told close friends that I was thinking about doing a one week silent retreat and they laughed at me. They questioned my ability to be able not to talk (i think they might say chatter) for an extended period of time. Well …I have proven that I can. Since I left Mountain Home I have been almost totally alone. Every camp site I stayed at was solitary and for the most part I had no service on my phone. It was a wonderful week , but it seemed almost like a dream sequence in a movie. I read , walked ,made books,road my bike and set up shop at campgrounds when possible. Camping was cheap in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, but for some reason it is expensive in Georgia (my birth state).  It stormed in the middle of each night , but the days were warm and beautiful. Rain in the Van is quite dramatic and loud . I had to purchase ear plugs after my first night in Blanchard Springs. That night I thought the van might possibly become a projectile. There was a lot of rockin-with no-one -knockin. I had to sleep for part of the next day. I have just arrived in Athens and will meet up with the people who are hosting me for the Classic City Woodturners. I will be demoing all day tomorrow. It is like ending a silent retreat by talking for an entire day non stop.

This meal lasted three days

view from the drivers seat

camping in Georgia

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1 Response to APRIL 22, 2011

  1. maureen says:

    No talking? No kidding? Wish I were there to keep you company, but i bet that the solitude was a good thing and will be something to remember. That food plate looks mighty good. love, maureen

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