APRIL 19, 2011

The south is an interesting place. It is full of visual juxtaposition. When I got my van checked out in Nashville there was an adult sex shop with a church of Christ on the hill right above it seemingly resting on its roof. Driving in Arkansas I saw Wander LUST Trailer Park on Passion Play road. Several Rv parks I have called to check for vacancy feel they should let me know they are nudist parks. In Missouri I saw a toothless farmer pull out his I-phone for a chat, having to wipe dust off the screen to see the caller Id. Everyone in the North I talk to keeps asking me if I am nervous driving around here by myself. In the north we have a vision of banjo playing hillbillies and aviator sun glassed sheriffs. The South has kept this façade up because they have something everyone wants. Incredible natural beauty! Cheap land! Nice people! And most important- Barbeque! You guys! It is beautiful down here! There are tons of National Parks and they cost a mere 7 to 10 dollars per night. I have met wonderful people and everyone one I have asked directions of have been more than happy to help. Nothing is different here except vast miles between Starbucks. Every town has fast food, Walmart, home depot (with Lowe’s across the street of course). This country has become homogenized, something I detest in theory but find comfort in on this trip. Imagine –you are a traveling wood worker far from home and you see a Home Depot. You walk in and find familiarity. The tool aisle and hardware displays could be in my own home depot, I feel comforted. Tonight I am in a Camp ground below Memphis in Mississippi, I am the only one here besides the campground host, it is quiet and peaceful.

Mississippi Monday

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3 Responses to APRIL 19, 2011

  1. Seamus says:

    Two quick thoughts
    Please if possible try to patronize the small independent
    hardware stores hanging on by the skin of their teeth.
    They may not have what you want, but they might
    and you might find something you didn’t know you needed.
    Give them the “Right of First Refusal” ? so to speak.
    Our local hardware store has been in business,
    owned and operated by the same family
    since 1866

    Bertch's Hardware estb. 1866

    and for a Yankee Connoisseur’s View of Southern Culture’s
    visit Jacob K’s Flickr account


    • Hi Sean,
      You are totally right. I love all the little hardware stores and visit them. I was just talking about familiar feeling places on the road. How is everything in Ohio? Are you all still turning?

  2. Seamus says:

    Right now bailing water more than turning
    although I did manage to get an old electric
    Delta at an auction in December
    Hope to have that up and running by
    the end of Spring/beginning of Summer

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