APRIL 17,2011

WOW! There is not enough time in the world to tell you about my last seven day. I arrived in Eureka  spring a week ago Friday, and totally  fell in love with that town. It is hard to distinguish if it is the people or the town, I met so many different individuals and they were all wonderful. I was invited by Doug Stowe. He has a Blog called Wisdom of The Hands, teaches a few days a week at the Clear Springs School, and is an excellent  woodworker. I taught with him for three days and had a blast. We worked with kids 1st to 7th grades. It was a lively three days to say the least. Doug’s kids have expierience with woodworking, so they had the ability to take it to the whistle project to the next level. I also spent one day at the Eureka Springs School of Art teaching adults how to turn. The whole seven days is a blur of activity in my head. I stayed at the home of Leroy and Sally Gorrell. They were incredible hosts. Their house was a place where many wonderful people converged.  I left with the knowledge that I would return at some point to visit all my new friends. You will be able to read about my time in Eureka Springs in my upcoming book -Seven Days in Eureka-(joke) but I really could write a novella about my week there. I left Eureka Springs Thursday morning and headed to Blanchard springs in the Ozark National Forest. I camped overnight at the park. What an incredible place! There is a cavern , a beautiful spring coming out of the side of a rock cliff, and incredible crystal clear river that I sat in for a couple of hours (in my lawn chair). We had some rough weather in the night , but when you have no television it seems more like entertainment. I headed out Friday morning for Bull Shoals State Park. It must be the trout fishing capitol of the world. The park was wonderful and I was able to sneak in a bike ride before lights out. I got up yesterday morning and went to Lakeview to give a day long demo for the Ozark Woodturners. We had fun , and it was especially exciting for me because there were lots of  good questions.

I came to Arkansas thinking where the hell am I? And I leave Arkansas thinking that is one of the most beautiful friendly places I have ever been. I am heading toward Athens Georgia – slowly.

Clear Springs School

Clear Springs Schools

Donna Doss learning to turn

What happens in Eureka Springs -Stays in Eureka Springs

Standing in Blanchard spring

Blachard Spring source

Bull Shoals State Park

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1 Response to APRIL 17,2011

  1. Tracy says:

    I am from the Northeast and consider myself a Yankee.
    When I read your post about driving from Tenn. on the way to Eureka Springs I smiled ear to ear cause I could not of said it better. Then when I read Sundays post I laughed out loud!
    I am on my way back to Eureka this Thursday to visit with some friends and I cannot wait to get there.
    I never thought I would feel so at home in such a place but I think it’s a combination of the air and the people. A special place that is hard to describe unless you have been there.
    Glad to hear you liked it as much as I do and keep writing … I enjoy it beyond words!

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