APRIL 6, 2011

Kingsport Boys and Girls Club

Kingsport Boys and Girls Club

One week ago today I was at the Kingsport Boys and Girls Club working with Bob Schrader. What a saint that guy is. He is one of the few people I have met on this trip who is walking the walk. He has ten mini lathes at the club and teaches kids from 5 to 13 every week. The kids love it. They call him Mister Bob. We got to teach 20 kids a day for three days. One class came in and the age span was 5 to 13, they had never turned before. Between you and me , I took a look at that little five year old and said to myself ,”This will be interesting”. You know what? That little girl was one of the best in the class. She really listened and focused. I had all the kids make a whistle, one class made a whistle and a pen. They all completed a project and were very excited. I left Kingsport for Nashville Tennessee and the home of John and Vicki Jordan. John was left for a demo in Oklahoma so Vicki and I tore up the town. We went to Cheekwood Museum, the Art Crawl in Nashville, Sam’s Sushi, Oprey Land and still had time to hike her property and map it on GPS. I had a wonderful time. I left Monday to work my way to Eureka Springs Arkansas. It is funny to have so much alone time after such good company. I drove through bad weather and made it to Paris Landing State Park. It was at a marina and I faced the van toward where all the house boats were parked ( My van secretly wants to be a house boat). We sat admiring them till the sun went down. In the morning I was off to Reelfoot StatePark. I pulled into the first camping area and it was small with a bunch of RVs. I wanted to ride my bike so I went to check out the second camping area which was at an air strip. (transportation is the theme this week) There was not a sole in the park. I picked a spot near the airstrip and put my money in a slot. I was told there was a ranger around before I went but I am not sure if I saw him. I went for a great bike ride. When I got back I made dinner at the picnic table. While I was cooking Two trucks came into the park and went to the end of the landing strip. Within minutes a plane landed and they fueled him and were gone. An hour later another truck and another plane. This went on for the whole evening. It was cold so I went in the van and made a book, I watched from the desk. In the middle of the night I woke up to use the facilities. I saw a man in the middle of the field with a latern. I just assumed that someone had come to camp. When I woke up there was no one around. The bathrooms were clean, and the shower was great. I left without ever seeing anyone. The man in the night could have been a dream. The camp site was 8 dollars. On my way through Tennessee I went through Paris. I thought it was funny that all the signs in the town had the Eiffel Tower on them, because it was really nothing like Paris France. For instance- Crappy fishing is one of the major attractions to the town. They don’t pronounce it Crappy , they say Croppy, I could not tell if that was pretense. Like Hyacinth on Keeping Up Appearances says her name is Bouquet instead of Bucket. Tonight I will be at Bull Shoals State Park.(I think)

Kingsport Boys and Girls Club


Croppy or Crappy?

Reelfoot State Park




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  1. Maureen Brodoff says:

    Oh Beth. Cant keep up with you but sounds like you may be slowing heading towards home. I have been loving your blog but cant wait to see you. Hope it is pretty soon. Love Maureen

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