March 31, 2011

Van parked in John and Vicki Jordan's driveway, Antioch Tennessee

I have been thinking about simple objects. Leah Creelman gave me a bag with many pockets and it has become its own room.  Laurel McMechan made the curtains for the windows,  van divider, plus my laundry bag. Judy Haberl gave me a step stool that gets set out each night to get in the van. Rob Chamberlin helped me install a solar vent. Marla helped me put in the vent over my bed.  I use these objects every day and think of how great they are. They are my prized possessions on this journey due to their usefulness, and of course the wonderful people they are associated with. I keep everything in a certain place and it has never varied. I was at Warriors State Park in Kingsport Tennessee for a few days and have spent a lot of time in the van due to rain, and a little cold I am fighting. During the day I taught at the Girls and Boys Club. When I envisioned this trip I dreaded the idea of being confined in the van due to rain or illness, now I am comforted. It is really my home. I hung out inside, comfy and cozy admiring my home for three days. Yesterday I started to feel a little shimmy in the front end of the van on my way to Nashville, I paused in thought and wondered- what will happen if I need something fixed and it took a couple of days. What would I do? Everything I need is in that van. Sure I can take the bag and some cloths, but what about everything else? where would I go? How would I get back and forth between my van and the place I would find to fix it? I think there needs to be an RV Park /Garage. If you needed extended work, you could sleep in your vehicle right in the garage and catch a shower during the day on your way to the shuffle board court with no worries.  I wonder constantly about how my adjustment to still life will be.



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