MARCH 27,2011

teaching at Penland


What a crazy time it has been. I had not had access to wi- fi for an extended period for the last week. I demoed last Saturday at Melbourne Beach. I parked at the home of Sonya and Terry Justice. They provided me with a real RV park in their back yard. We had dinner and wonderful conversation; I wish I had had more time to get to know them better. The Gang at the Melbourne Beach woodturning Club were quite enthusiastic which always makes demoing easier. I left that evening and drove to my new old friends Nancy and Gene O’Donnell. I stayed with them after the symposium and while I was teaching at Safe Harbor. We had quite a time for our selves that time, and this time. They took me to see a friend of theirs who is an amazing collector. Darrel has been collecting since he was a kid. Not some trashy hording collecting, but objects carefully placed and lovingly studied. His house could possibly my favorite museum. I left the O’Donnell’s to teach a woman in Valdosta Georgia for a day. Her name was Sandy Davies. I don’t think she really wanted me to stay in the driveway as I always do, but she was fine with it by the second night. Sandy had a list of questions and we spent a long day plowing through them. She is doing a fabulous job and really has the passion to be great. I was thinking about all these wonderful people as I drove up to Penland Craft School in North Carolina, to teach for three days for the production in wood class. This project has allowed me a sneak peek into so many different lives. I feel like an anthropologist. People keep asking me how this is affecting my life and work, but I have no answer. Days pass and I wake up in my van in different places. There is a level of unreality to it, but once you are at the new place you adjust and actually become attached. I do not know how anyone could ever choose one place to live in. I am at Penland now for two days of teaching and will head out to Tennessee tonight to teach for three days at a girls and boys club. One week and one day ago I was floating around Juniper Springs In the Ocala Wilderness with my pal Stephanie. It was eighty something degrees and beautiful. Today I am in the mountains of North Carolina and it is cold and rainy. So many things have happened in a week that my camping trip with Stephanie seems like months ago. That is how this whole project has been; time is extended. I feel like I have been away from Boston for way more than a year. It is like having a life in some hyper speed Vortex, but when I arrive home only a year would have passed, but in my head time it seems like three.

Stephanie at Ocala

In the Justices driveway

Nancy and Gene in Jacksonville

Me in Darrels collection

Hotdog stand in Macon Georgia


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1 Response to MARCH 27,2011

  1. Kevin Kempf says:

    I thought of you when I saw this on

    Could you live in 65 Square feet?

    By the way, I went to Totally Turning last weekend and saw DAle Nish and Richard Raffan.

    Safe travels,

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