MARCH 14 ,2011

What a week! I went to Dunedin Florida last Thursday and worked with a class at the Art Center there. The teacher was Tony Marsh. I had a wonderful time. The location was amazing. Everyone worked on a deck in the middle of a town park, across the street was the ocean. I came back to my Sisters house and spent the weekend prepping stock for the kids at North Point High School. I left yesterday and met my good friends Rob and Suzanne half way down. They are visiting Robs parents in Ellenton. I stayed over in the parking lot of the trailer park Robs Parents spend the winters at. This was a good practice for being being back on the road. I got up early and went to North Point High School. The classes were wonderful, we made whistles and everyone had total success. Tomorrow I will drive to Ocala National Forest and camp for a couple of days with my friend Stephanie. I am looking forward to catching up on all the news from Mass College of Art. I am really going to miss my Sister and Niece. I had a nice little parking spot in their gated back yard. It was like a private RV park, complete with activities. I really fell in love with Saint Petersburg. On my way home from teaching I stopped at the bottom of the sunshine bridge and walked into the ocean. It was really beautiful clear and warm.

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1 Response to MARCH 14 ,2011

  1. Lee McDonald says:

    Mass Art is still here and alive and well. From what I can tell your fellow grad students are happy and working hard with some ready to graduate soon. Put in a nice little shop on the 4th floor.
    10thfloor Industrial Design students using the lathe more and more. Alas it is mostly foam but we are good at it.
    We have a new president in July. The world keeps moving forward.
    Looking forward to your return to Boston but I wouldn’t hurry.

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