FEBRUARY 28,2011

It is strange to be in Florida in February. My mind knows that my house in Boston is covered in snow, and yet here it has been beautiful and warm everyday. Yesterday my niece and I drove to the power plant at Apollo Beach to see the manatees.It was a strange place where mangrove swamp meets industrialization. this juxtaposition in place, is the part time residence of the manatees. They look like the Popin -Fresh version of a bull seal. I learned that they have no blubber to speak of and are mostly bone. This makes them sensitive to the cold so in the winter the warm waters that the power plant produces are the perfect place to hang out with friends. On the way home we were really hot . there is a rest stop at the bottom of the Sunshine bridge that is surrounded by water on two sides. The bay side had a patch of crystal clear blue water with white fine sand. We parked the car and went right in. This was not a beach. It was just a place that fisherman park and wade out up to there hips ,casting for trout in the bay. I thought it was funny that the worst swimming hole here would be the best on the Cape. Florida has made me think a lot about where I live. Sure I have been to the Caribbean in the winter and experienced the warmth and beautiful water, but it was always vacation, everyday was planned ahead of time. Now I am parked in a place going about my everyday business in this incredible climate. In Boston I am always compelled to take advantage of a nice day, when will it come again? Here everyday is nice, it is business as usual. I work a while and then ride my bicycle to the post office or home depot. On the way I might see incredible birds, and plants. There is a park behind my sisters house, just an ordinary neighborhood spot. it is a pond  with a play ground , some shelters with barbecues, and benches here and there. On a walk around you can see at least ten species of exotic birds, turtles etc. Life here seems more relaxed. The beaches are not crowded because it is still cold to the natives, even though the water temperature is already  higher than the Cape in the middle of summer. The sun and warmth brings a hopefulness. I see the temperature in Boston is going between 40 degrees and 10 degrees. I imagined myself bundled and always holding myself a little tense to ward off the chill. My exercise would have ceased with the good weather, and I would try to make myself swim ,but the thought of the cold air when I came out of  the community center would be a kind of torture. I am told the down side of life here is the heat and humidity in summer. I guess there is no perfect place to live.

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