FEBRUARY 24, 2011

I love my van. It has truly become my home. I thought it might be difficult to live in a small space this long ,but it seems to be easier all the time. 3 weeks ago I went to find some cloths in my pull outs. One bin for pants, one for shirts, and one for all the rest.  I realized that I had not been wearing everything in the bins ,so I made up a box and sent it home. My life becomes simpler and not more chaotic as the project moves (literally) forward. This morning I woke up and lay in bed thinking about my day. The van seemed bigger, more expansive to me than my first night in a driveway in Maine. I am in my bedroom traveling from place to place. I still have chores. The solar panel and battery must get set out on a sunny day if I want to use the computer to watch a movie. I have to vacuum the rug often (12 volt vacuum ,under passenger seat). I have to organize every couple of days (clean House) ,but it only takes 20 minutes. It is all so manageable. I have spent many of my days on this trip looking at maps and thinking where to next. Right now I am in Saint Petersburg parked in my Sisters Back yard. I go away for a day to teach and demo and come back to the spot in the yard. It is like an extended stay in an RV park, with the benefit of loved ones.I have really not had much personal time like this on my trip. I have set up a temporary shop to work in in her garage. I spend lots of time communicating and planning. I wonder what it will be like to live in a house again when I am back home. I wonder if I will stare down from my living room window at the van in the driveway wishing I was there. The van represent the possibility of movement,adventure, and change. I can tell that this trip has made me restless. After seeing what this country has  offered me,I want to see more. I have always conceptualized the idea that small space would equal more time. It is true.

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1 Response to FEBRUARY 24, 2011

  1. Hey Beth,
    I am glad to know my obsession with small spaces is valid, thank you for proving to me that freedom and possibility are far more important then possessions. I remember when you were staying with us you kept saying how much you loved your van and I wondered how long that romance would last. Now you will never go back, maybe you will live in only one room in your house or maybe you will sell it and come to kalamazoo we have a room here for you.

    Keep on truckin,


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