January 31, 2011

Two friends on the road

I am writing from the road. My Guest of the week,Gretchen is driving. Our  time has been  action packed and exciting. We Left Moss beach California six days ago, and we are leaving Beaumont Texas as I write. At the end of the day we will be in an Rv Park in the middle of the french quarter of New orleans. In these six days we have seen beautiful vistas, met interesting people, viewed wonderful art, and seen quite a bit of local color.

It is very different to travel with someone in the van, you have to negotiate two different life rhythms, and share tight quarters. Gretchen has been a fabulous travel companion. Friday night we ended up in a camp ground in Marfa Texas at 11:00 at night . The camp ground was called El Cosmico. It is a placed I read about in Dwell Magazine a couple of years ago, and always wanted to visit. We awoke to temperatures hovering at around 27. An early morning trip to the out house informed me that sleeping in till the sun was high might be a good plan. Gretchen however wanted coffee, Now! While I lay on the floor of the van under my quilt she got in the driver seat and took us into town for breakfast. I got out of bed and sat in the driver seat to put my shoes on. I could feel I was quite a site , hair sticking up, sweat pants a jacket and no socks. A man walked by the vehicle and I thought he was starting at me . I tried to get out of the van as gracefully as I could and smiled at him as I said hello. He stopped , looked at me and said, “Thats a real nice van.” Go figure! I guess Marfa Texas has seen so many crazy incidents that I was normal.

Two minutes before getting out of van in Marfa

Starbucks, Kerrville Texas

In Texas the woman have really big hats!




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