JANUARY 29, 2011

Gretchen arrived on Tuesday to help me drive the mad dash to Florida. We went to Grass Valley Wednesdays where I gave a slide show, and demonstration to a the local Woodturning club. After the meeting we headed to Florida. We got to Bakersfield and slept in the van at a Denny’s parking lot. It was Gretchen’s first van night, and she was a good sport about it. She is a great traveling companion. On Thursday we diverted a bit to go through Joshua Tree National Park. It was incredibly beautiful and I wish there had been time to camp there. We got to Green Valley Arizona by night fall and slept like logs. First thing Friday morning we were off. We made it to Marfa Texas and slept in the Parking lot at El Cosmico, this morning we awoke to 27 degrees. El Cosmico is a combination art project camp ground. I had read about it a couple of years ago in Dwell Magazine and really wanted to check it out. The resident artist is Jason who describes himself as a Cultural Engineer. He was really great, and someone who I relate to about small space and simple living ideas. We are in Kerrville Texas at a Super 88, where I am  getting caught up with e-mails and planning. The last three days seem like a blur. Here are some pictures.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

An actual Joshua Tree

El Cosmico

Knitted Trailer at El Comico

Gretchen in Marfa

Gretchen and Jason in trailer for rent at El Cosmico

Cactus in Marfa

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1 Response to JANUARY 29, 2011

  1. Ron Sheehan says:

    I just checked in to your blog again after reading some last fall. Your stories are inspiring. I have been thinking about ways to get more young people involved. I will be making an effort with our local high school.
    I can relate to your note about the cold in Texas. I was in Houston from Jan 27 until Feb. 15. They had 8 days in the 2o degree range,, only 3 days in the prior 10 years.
    I hope to see you in Philadelphia in July at the ITE Open Community Day.

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