JANUARY 14,2011

Los Angeles has been a flurry of motion. The driving has been exceptionally challenging for me. The van is not the sleekest  or speediest of vehicles. You have to be quick and alert at all times. The GPS has really made it possible for me to get around. Monday I went to Lynwood High School and taught Mr. Powers classes all day. We made whistles and everyone seemed to have a good time. The next two days were at Yeshiva University  High School (which I posted Tuesday) Yesterday and today I was at WISH Elementary  School. I taught K- 3rd. The school is jam packed with budding woodworkers. By the second day I felt like a rock start. It was really fun. Tomorrow I am at El Camino College to work with a cub scout troop, and Sunday I am off to Cerritos College. I am a little bit tired, but very inspired. I am staying with Michael ,Katie ,Nova and Willa. They are all awesome and have made me a member of the family. Michael and Katie were Artists in residence when I worked at the craft center. They know of my love for fine food , so they took me to Pinks, an LA institution. Of course no dog could ever be better than Ted’s in my home town of Buffalo. Michael and I cooked fried chicken the other night. My real concern at this moment is that the limited number of pants I have brought with me will not fit pretty soon. There are no chili’s here but Michael and Katie have made some wonderful meals.




Michael and Willa


Sandy , Carl, and myself at Yeshiva U Highschool

Happy Yeshiva students

More happy Yeshiva students

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1 Response to JANUARY 14,2011

  1. Well Beth you continue to inspire us and give us many laughs. It puts a smile on our faces knowing you are having such a marvelous life experience! You ARE a rock star and 3rd graders know more then adults, glad to see you have the glory of working with such intelligent, creative, and inspiring people.

    We sure do miss you and send our love your way. Thanks for being a free spirit and following your bliss…..it reminds us anything is possible.
    xoxoxo Rob and Suzanne
    p.s. Rob and I are trying to figure out if you got new glasses?

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