JANUARY 5, 2010

I have not been able to write because I have been busy eating for 5 days. I left Jenn in Santa Fe on New Years Eve and headed back to Green Valley AZ. It was snowing like crazy the day before I left and some of that weather continued on my drive. The mountains all around me were snow capped, even as I entered southern Arizona. I arrived in Green Valley New Years eve to party preparations. That is when the eating began. O.K. that is not exactly true, I had been eating wonderful food in Santa Fe …and now that I think about it , I stopped at a gas station in Hatch NM and had a burrito that was so good I had to stop at the side of the road to eat, and enjoy it fully. My good friends Mary Lou and Kathy who I am staying with in Green Valley, know I will miss the delicious  chiles of the south west so their plan was to have me experience so many that I would get sick of them. Well… the whole plan back fired , now I just want more(real) south west food hourly. The problem of course is that I have only four pair of pants with me, and I need to fit into them when I leave. I hit the limitations of my waist band yesterday and went for a 45 minute walk this morning. This week I ate in Tucson twice. One afternoon at Tanya’s, a little takeout mexican restaurant with about 100 items on the menu. I wanted to sit there for a month and order one item after another. It is not that I am hungry ,it is the amazing flavors of all those combinations. The refried beans were outstanding. I gathered every body’s left over salsa to bring home. Yesterday it was the Tamale Factory for lunch were I met up with a friend from the CFC in Maine. The tamale’s were indeed outstanding. Earlier for a mid morning snack My hostesses and I shared a Sonoran Hot Dog for mid morning snack.(I think you see the problem). We then ended the day with half price appetizers at El Charro in Sahuarita. This alone does not sound like so much food but there have also been generous invitations to dinners at friends houses. On Monday I had one of my gorilla teaching classes with a group of woman in Green valley. They were all wonderful, and the woman who let us use her driveway also made a wonderful meal for us afterwards ,complete with a fabulous wine (She had a Road runner that eats out of her hand). I guess this seems so luxurious compared to my traveling time which is quite Spartan. I am preparing to Leave for California On Friday or Saturday. In california the vacation ends and I am back to work. I will have 13 full days of teaching in my 17 day stay and then off to the Florida Symposium, and goodbye to the best chiles I have ever had the pleasure to meet and eat.

Santa Fe December 30th

December 31, southern NM

Havelinas in the alley

Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Presidio in the middle of Tucson

Feeding the Roadrunner

Sonoran hot dog vender

Teaching in the cactus

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